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About RISE

Welcome to RISE Yoga Gettysburg located at Phoenix Wellness Center. Our vision at RISE is to

provide a space to support healing, resilience and growth. We aim to offer a culture of care and

responsiveness to individual needs, empowering students to engage in a yoga and mindfulness

practice that meets their desired level of both challenge and relaxation.

We believe in the power of yoga for every body, every mind and every season of life. 

Yoga is an ancient art that teaches us to be present in the moment, builds strength and endurance physically and mentally, and offers a sense of community. In its truest form, yoga is meant to be accessible to all. RISE has something for everyone, at any level, offering a variety of class styles that benefit anyone on a path to improved physical, mental or emotional health. Whether you are living with chronic pain, struggling with stress or anxiety, or searching for a routine wellness practice to support your self care, our goal is to provide the space your mind and body need to feel whole.


RISE is a space of purposeful inclusion. You are welcome regardless of ability, experience, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, racial or cultural identity, neurodiversity, financial means,* educational background, religious or spiritual perspective. Bilingual instructional support in Spanish is available as needed. Get in touch to find out more!

*Please do not hesitate to contact RISE directly if the cost of a class would prevent you from participating as it is important to us to make this practice accessible to all. There are weekly insurance-based classes held in the studio offered by Phoenix Wellness Center. And check out our monthly FREE community events! 

“Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high, Still I’ll rise.”
— Maya Angelou

Frequently asked questions 

Do I need to bring my own mat or props?

We have all the yoga props you will need for class including chairs if desired, and plenty of mats to borrow free of charge. You are always welcome to bring your own. 


If I schedule a class, can I reschedule or cancel and receive a refund or class credit on my account?

You may cancel or reschedule a class up until the time that class begins. We ask that if you know about a need to cancel in advance that you do so at your earliest convenience so that your instructor has an accurate class roster. When you cancel a class you will automatically receive a refund or class credit to your account. Refunds will not be offered for classes cancelled after the start time of a class.

Tell me about parking and accessibility.

There is plenty of free parking in our parking lot with multiple accessible parking spots right near the door. The studio and restrooms are wheelchair accessible.


Are group classes appropriate for beginners?

Absolutely. It is our intention that all of our group classes are beginner-friendly and meet the needs of all levels of ability and experience. If you would feel more comfortable beginning in a private class setting, we also offer private lessons and can arrange for private small group lessons as well.


I’m not flexible. Can I still try yoga? 

Increased flexibility is a great benefit of a regular yoga practice, however it is not necessary to be naturally flexible in order to practice yoga. Some bodies are naturally more "bendy" than others and there will always be a variation of any pose that is best suited for your body, and this will also change day to day. Your instructor is happy to help you explore what works best for you!

If I am recovering from an injury or have a disability, what should I tell my instructor?

The role of your yoga instructor is to keep you safe in your yoga practice by offering guidance and variations on any pose that might work best in your body. Yoga instructors have training in anatomy and common injuries, disabilities and different body types, in order to best accommodate each student, therefore if there is anything you would like to share in order to help us support you in accommodating your needs, please share this in your registration form or in person prior to class. Your yoga instructors, however, are not medical professionals. If you are concerned about how to approach your yoga practice due to a previous injury or disability, please first check with your doctor. If you have an accessibility need related to the physical environment (lighting, temperature, sound, use of different props, etc.) please do not hesitate to let your instructor know and they will do their best to accommodate the needs of the class. Anything you share with your instructor will be kept confidential.


Why are some of the mirrors in the studio blocked?

RISE is a studio that offers lots of choice in your practice. Some yogis prefer having a mirror available to them during their practice so they can easily check alignment while other yogis strongly prefer to not have a mirror in front of them so that they can focus more on turning inward. In our studio, you can opt to orient yourself in front of a mirror or not. It is your choice. 

What style of yoga classes do you offer?

All of our instructors are trained in some variation of the Hatha yoga tradition, which includes Vinyasa and other popular styles. You may be used to seeing the word Vinyasa associated with group yoga classes. We have found that this identifier can mean a lot of different things to different people, so we have done our best to describe each of our classes on our Offerings page to give you an accurate representation of their benefit and what to expect. Any class that is described as a “flow” class will offer traditional Vinyasa style flows. We also offer more restorative practices such as Yin Yoga, and our RISE and Restore class, which incorporates both Vinyasa sequences and Restorative postures. Another more accessible option is our Gentle Yoga class. For a more energetic class experience, you might try Phoenix Rising, a flow class emphasizing strength, flexibility and resilience or TGIFriday Flow, a class offering lots of fun challenges, suitable for both beginners and more advanced yogis.


When will you offer yoga and mindfulness programs for the brain injury community?

RISE hosted our first 4-week Yoga for Brain Injury series in March 2024, corresponding to Brain Injury Awareness Month. We hope to offer this series at least once or twice per year. This class is open to anyone with lived experience of Traumatic or other Acquired Brain Injury and their caretakers and offers research-backed mindfulness and yoga practices to support resilience following brain injury.

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